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Experience Our New Rocky Hill Infusion Center

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Discover new infusion center in Rocky Hill, CT. Learn about our convenient, patient-centric care and meet our dedicated team!

Our center in Rocky Hill, which opened on April 8th, marks a significant milestone as our first location in Connecticut and our sixth in New England. This center represents a major advancement in our mission to redefine infusion therapy, offering exceptional care and our patient-centric model to the greater Hartford and Central Connecticut communities. With our New Haven center already open and our West Hartford center set to open in late July, we are proud to expand our presence in Connecticut and serve a wider range of patients in the Connecticut community.

Managing a chronic condition is challenging enough without the added stress of difficult logistics. That's why our Rocky Hill center, strategically located at 1111 Cromwell Avenue, Suite 301, right off I-91, is ideally situated to serve the broader Hartford area. Our center features plenty of parking spaces, allowing patients to pull right up and walk into your appointment without hassle. Additionally, our appointment system is tailored to minimize waiting times, allowing you to schedule your treatment at a time that suits your lifestyle best, including nights and weekends. All of this makes getting an infusion much more convenient, so you don’t have to struggle and have added stress on top of everything else you’re dealing with.

Meet the team

Since opening Local Infusion Rocky Hill, we've been thrilled to achieve an average patient satisfaction NPS of 97, well above the industry average of 58, complemented by consistent 5-star reviews on Google—a clear reflection of our dedicated team's efforts.

Our Rocky Hill team is expertly led by Melissa Faienza and Elizabeth Nardella who together create an environment of exceptional care and professionalism.

  • Melissa Faienza, Registered Nurse 

    Melissa is a Neuro Trauma RN with 8 years experience in infusion Nursing. She is the first Nurse in the state of CT to administer the drug Leqembi  for Alzheimer’s disease. Melissa also has her Advanced Cardiac Life Saving certificate. She is a patient advocate, who is passionate about infusion Nursing.

    “I have always been dedicated to making a big impact in the care and lives of my patients and their family members. I encourage others to propel themselves forward, bring about change gracefully with understanding, education and compassion."

  • Elizabeth Nardella, Infusion Guide

    Elizabeth has over 33 years experience in the medical field as a Medical Assistant. She has worked in numerous specialties as an MA including, OBGYN, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology (ENT) and Head and Neck Surgical Oncology. Elizabeth has both a clinical and administrative background and is BLS certified. She is caring and compassionate about patient care and takes great pride in her work.

    "I am very excited to be part of the Local Infusion team. This is a company that encompasses exactly how I view how patient care should be and a team that goes above and beyond to make sure that our patient's experience is a seamless journey that promotes the healthiest of lifestyles."

Patients receive dedicated support from a team of nurses, infusion guides, and coordinators to ensure affordable, timely access to chronic condition care and medications.


Explore the center

Our Rocky Hill infusion center is meticulously designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, offering six private suites equipped with reclining sofas, blankets, WiFi and televisions for a relaxing treatment experience. When building our Rocky Hill site, our goal was to evoke a calming environment with a soothing color palette and cozy seating to help reduce stress and anxiety during your visit. Additionally, our center offers a variety of snacks and beverages, along with fuzzy blankets that can be warmed up for extra comfort (yes, we have blanket warmers!). All these features are aimed at creating a more comfortable and supportive experience for our patients.

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Amenities include: 

  • Dedicated infusion guide and highly trained nurses
  • Comfortable seating in private suites, WiFi and TV
  • By appointment only (no waiting!), with weekend and evening hours available
  • Convenient, dedicated parking
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks
  • ADA accessible center and bathroom


Location & logistics

Local Infusion Rocky Hill is located at 1111 Cromwell Avenue, Suite 301, right off of I-91, making it easily accessible to the broader Hartford and Central Connecticut area. The location offers convenient parking, with a state-of-the-art center that features six private suites with WiFi and televisions.

Hours of operation

Monday - Sunday, 9AM - 8PM, by appointment only

Conditions treated at our Bangor center

Our Registered Nurses administer therapies for over 35 conditions, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Ulcerative Colitis, and more.

Discover our full list of conditions treated and therapies offered

Interested in learning more?

If you’re a physician: Referring a patient to Local Infusion’s Rocky Hill center is easy and takes less than five minutes. Simply complete and send us the signed order form and supporting clinicals. We’ll take it from there and handle prior authorization, financial assistance/counseling, scheduling, follow-ups, and more. 

If you’re a patient: You can get started here and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to get you onboarded and work with you to get a referral through your physician.

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