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There Has to Be a Better Way 

Our team has spent decades in the infusion and healthcare industry. We saw all the mistakes the industry was making.

The cost, the confusion, the antiquated technology. Patients sit in cold, fluorescent-lit rooms, for several hours at a time. Outside of the room, the experience isn't any warmer. Inaccurate medical bills. A lack of communication. A referral process that's lengthy and daunting. For patients, this isn't just treatment—this is their life.

At every step, we thought, "there has to be a better way."


Raising the Bar for Infusion Care

We aim to improve outcomes for patients, save time for physicians and make it all more affordable for everyone involved.

Through a blend of human-centered design and a people-first culture, Local Infusion puts the "local feel" of community, comfort and connection back into the patient and provider experience. At our care centers, all patients—and our healthcare team—can feel truly supported, every step of the way.

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We commit to you

Answers when you want them

A dedicated Infusion Guide to support you along the way. We give you clear answers to all of your questions, from what to expect to financial guidance and support.

Lightning fast onboarding
We’ve simplified the process—it takes less than 2 minutes of your time to onboard.

Financial transparency
Upfront pricing (no surprises!) and financial assistance support for every eligible patient. We do what it takes to minimize your costs.

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