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Join the Local Infusion Team

We are setting a new standard for infusion therapy—because patients deserve better.

Join our passionate team of clinicians, operators, and technologists to redesign care from the ground up.

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How we hire

First and foremost, we don’t discriminate—Local Infusion is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer. We fundamentally believe that a more diverse and inclusive team leads to bigger impact and success.

While every hiring may be a bit different depending on the requirements and needs, every process will include the following: 

  1. An initial hello (30 minutes)—You’ll meet the hiring manager (the person you would report to) to learn more about Local Infusion and understand if we’re a good fit for each other. 

  2. Deep dive (45 minutes)—We will go deep into your experience to understand what you’ve worked on, why you made certain decisions, and generally get a feel for how you think and problem solve. The goal is to ensure that you will thrive in our culture and better understand your functional expertise.

  3. Other potential sessions—Depending on the role, there may be additional sessions with others on the team, or a take-home / work session.

  4. Meet and greet with CEO (15 minutes)—If you make it to this stage, you're one of our finalists! Our CEO, Woody Baum, likes to meet every new member of our team.

  5. References—We’ll reach out to folks you’ve worked with in the past, mostly to learn how to best empower you and understand progress you’ve made along the way.

  6. Decision & job offer—This means you are in! Expect a personal call from us to welcome you to the team.


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