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40-60% Savings on Infusion Costs

Modern, near-home infusion centers and virtual care model that delivers high quality care, efficiently, reducing healthcare costs significantly compared to traditional hospital site of care. 

98% Patient Net Promoter & Satisfaction Scores

Best-in-class care for our patients, with spa-like, modern centers, private suites, flexible scheduling and dedicated care teams that regularly go the extra mile. 

6 Days from Referral to Ready for Treatment

We understand the importance of timely care. Our digitally-powered referral and intake process gets patients to treatment quickly, and keeps everyone up to date along the way. 

97% Medication and Care Plan Adherence

Our patients maintain industry leading treatment plan adherence, compared to 74% in the hospital and 64% at home, ensuring optimal response to therapy and reducing waste. 

96% Emergency Room Avoidance Rate

Our innovative care model engages patients beyond the four walls, helping to manage patient care post-treatment and avoiding unnecessary ED visits. 


What We Treat

We offer a wide range of high quality pharmaceuticals from US-based companies. We continually monitor new drug approvals to ensure that our patients have access to the latest infusion therapies available. 

  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Asthma
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Crohn’s IBD
  • Gout
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Thyroid Eye Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis

We continue to expand our offering. Please contact us if you receive routine infusions with another therapy that you don’t see on this list.

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Unparalleled Patient Satisfaction

We always put patients first, and it comes through in our industry leading Patient NPS1 scores. 

Every aspect of Local Infusion has been thoughtfully designed with patients in mind. 

From the night and weekend appointments to the beautiful-designed private infusion suites with WiFi, streaming TV and extra guest seating, we make it easy for patients to choose the most affordable setting. 


1 Net Promoter (NPS) score is a measure of loyalty and satisfaction introduced by Harvard Business Review and widely adopted by two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. 

Site NPS (5)

Patients are Thankful that Local Infusion is Covered by Their Plan

I'm so glad Local Infusion is covered under my insurance. I love having a private space during my infusion, in a spa-like atmosphere, and it's conveniently located within my community. Local Infusion provides highly personalized patient-centered care... and the team genuinely cares about me, my experience, and my comfort.
Katherine P.
Patient, Local Infusion Augusta ME
Local Infusion is a cost-efficient alternative to the hospital and is a facility that puts patients first. I am so happy that Local Infusion is now covered by [my insurance plan]!I personally had to request Local Infusion and it was not a facility that was originally on [my insurance’s] “go-to” list which is such a shame. Local Infusion should be their first and top recommendation for infusion sites.
Sarah P.
Patient, Local Infusion Bedford NH
I’m so thankful Local Infusion is covered under [my insurance] and I hope they continues to cover this amazing service and expand this benefit to other members. The staff is amazing, the service and health care is great. Everyone deserves the same quality care I do when I go to Local Infusion. Thank you!
Mayra G.
Patient, Local Infusion Concord NH

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Justine's Local Infusion experience

“Everyone has their own room – the nurse greeted me at the door and explained the process in detail. They gave me coffee, snacks, Netflix and a recliner — it was like being in a VIP spa, just to get my treatments! 

I want to make sure as many people know about them as possible. I would give them 5 star reviews, everyday, until the end of time.” 

- Justine Beuregard, Local Infusion Concord


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Clinical Excellence

Treatments are administered by biologic-trained providers, with a 3:1 patient to provider ratio.

Each centers offers private infusion suites that increases safety for those that are immunocompromised.

Robust hypersensitivity protocols are in place to manage against medication reactions.

Provider continuity to improve patient outcomes over time.


Recommended by Physicians & Providers

Wish I could have recorded my patient this morning that just started Remicade rave about Local Infusion. Particularly shouted out to Monica, her nurse. Great work you guys are doing there!
Beth J., PA-C
Hospital-owned Gastroentology Practice in Augusta, ME
Local Infusion just makes the infusion process easy. The customer service on the provider side and patient side is unmatched. I am excited to work with them and value them as a partner.
Dr. John Dolan
InterMed Neurology in Biddeford, ME
Working with the Local Infusion team has been seamless and efficient! They communicate clearly and effectively with our team and the patients they are working with. Thank you so much!!
Nicole D., RN, MSCN
Hospital-owned Neurology practice in Concord, NH
We are grateful to have Local Infusion for our patients - they offer private suites, wonderful amenities, dedicated patient support and great appointment availability - including evening and weekends. Once we refer a patient, Local Infusion obtains the PA, scheduling, and communicates updates weekly.
Hospital-owned Pulmonary practice in Concord, NH

Local Infusion partners with the following leading health insurance plans


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Exceptional Patient Experience

Genuine kindness and compassion from start to finish. The staff made sure I was comfortable, warm, and offered beverages, snacks and a meal. All questions were answered. Thank you for making this difficult situation as pleasant as you could.
Stephanie J.
Patient, Local Infusion Augusta
After many years of infusions at a local hospital, I was blown away by Local Infusion. The comfortable rooms. The amazing staff who made me feel like the most important person they would be seeing that day. Nurse Nicole genuinely cares and LISTENS. Shauna went above & beyond on ALL insurance related things! They made me feel like I mattered.Having a chronic illness does not have any “perks,” but … Finding Local Infusion makes me actually look forward to my infusions!
Anmarie W.
Patient, Local Infusion Concord
My nurse Jenna is sunshine and rainbows and a light in a time with so much uncertainty and fear . She is a unicorn. I feel so lucky she is on this journey with me. The front desk support, is just incredibly friendly and a wonderful person to be greeted and supported by. The accommodations feel like a spa.
Holly K.
Patient, Local Infusion South Portland
I was initially apprehensive about switching from a hospital clinic to an infusion center. I was put at ease with the quick efficiency of Shauna and Nicole who got me in fast and gave me a wonderful experience and great care. The facility was beautiful and relaxing which made my treatment feel like being pampered, with great snacks too. As a nurse myself, I can be very careful in selecting a treatment facility- patients will love the care and experience here at Local Infusion! I highly recommend them!
Sharon C.
Patient, Local Infusion Bedford
Nicole, my nurse, is so kind and caring, and Shauna is extremely organized and thorough. They got my meds approved quickly and delivered a 10/10 experience from even before my visit - wonderful all around! Exceptional, kind care and speedy scheduling! Highly recommend the entire staff and the experience.
Justine B.
Patient, Local Infusion Concord
I highly recommend Local Infusion. From the referral, insurance approval, scheduling and treatment, every aspect of this facility was top notch. It took less than a week from the time I contacted them to get an appointment and my first infusion! The facility is just as pictured on their website; clean, modern, and quiet. You're provided with a private room, comfortable recliner, warm blanket and big screen tv. Throughout the infusion process they check on you on a regular basis. Being sick is never fun but Local Infusion and their staff make it the best experience possible! High marks all around!
Adrienne L.
Patient, Local Infusion Augusta

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