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Why We Care About Interior Design at Local Infusion

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The design of a medical clinic is more than aesthetic: it has a significant impact on the patient experience, particularly for those with chronic auto-immune disorders – many of whom we treat here at Local Infusion.

How the patient benefits from well-designed interiors 

By reducing anxiety & stress

One of the most significant benefits of interior design in medical practices like ours is the ability to create a calming, peaceful, and welcoming atmosphere that can help to reduce anxiety and stress, thus improving overall well-being. This is particularly important considering patients may be experiencing physical or emotional discomfort as a result of their autoimmune disorder or nutritional deficiency, where stress and anxiety can further exacerbate symptoms.

By improving functionality

In addition to fostering a calming atmosphere, good interior design also improves the functionality of our centers. Well-designed spaces reduce clutter and improve the flow of traffic, making it easier for patients to navigate the practice and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

"Being able to provide care to patients in a space that is relaxing and comfortable allows for an enhanced patient-provider experience. I enjoy that my patients can relax as if they are in the comfort of their own home. There is a trust that is built in that experience for everyone." — Nicole Conceicao, NP

By improving efficiency

Good interior design also improves our efficiency. By designing spaces with specific functions in mind, we’re able to streamline processes and improve the flow of patients. This helps reduce wait times and improves the overall patient experience.

“Local Infusion came to us with the clear vision of providing a better infusion experience for patients by prioritizing comfort. As Local Infusion’s design partner, we work together to achieve this with each design decision we encounter at their sites. Their completed infusion centers have shown that thoughtful architecture, interior, and experiential design, combined with Local Infusion’s direction and feedback, results in positive patient experiences.” - Robert Whiteamire, Architect at Winter Holben


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