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At Local Infusion, Every Patient Is Paired 1:1 With A Guide. Here’s Why.

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Discover how our Infusion Guides make the treatment process as seamless, straight-forward, and stress-free as possible. 

Here at Local Infusion, we do things differently — from full financial transparency to state-of-the-art technology to design-forward infusion centers. But that’s not all — we also pair every patient 1:1 with a dedicated Infusion Guide for support every step of the way.

 Why? Because navigating the world of infusion therapy can be confusing and frustrating — scary, even. But with the help of an Infusion Guide providing this degree of personalized support and communication (which is unheard of in the industry), it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how an Infusion Guide can make the treatment process as seamless, straight-forward, and stress-free as possible.

Questions about billing, insurance, or co-pay assistance? Text your Infusion Guide.

One of the first questions we get from patients is…”how much does infusion therapy cost?” The answer is, it depends. There are a number of factors, including drug dose, frequency, and insurance. 

Fortunately, your Guide is there to answer any and all questions, including:

  • How much will I pay out of pocket?
  • I just switched insurance…am I still in-network?
  • Do I qualify for a copay assistance program? 

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The same goes for pre-appointment logistical questions.

You have enough to think about. No need to worry about having to find parking or where exactly the entrance is…your Infusion Guide will text you these things right before your appointment. This way, you feel 100% prepared for your visit and don’t have to worry about getting to your appointment — just bring a book or enjoy the complimentary Netflix in your private suite.  

Worried about prior authorization? Your Infusion Guide is on it.

Your Infusion Guide will work with your healthcare professional and insurance provider to ensure the authorization submission is as complete as possible to increase the chances of a speedy approval. 

On an as-needed basis, we will call the insurance provider to work through any open questions, and follow up with physician and patient if additional information is needed. Our goal is to get you approved and scheduled for your appointment as efficiently as possible. 

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If clinical questions about your treatment come up, your Infusion Guide will connect you directly to a nurse.

So you can get your questions answered ASAP. 

Meet our Infusion Guides

Shauna MoranShauna Moran
Shauna Moran is an Infusion Guide and Controller. She helps patients get through the referral and intake process, and is a key point of contact as Local Infusion patients navigate billing and insurance. With over 14 years of healthcare experience,  Shauna has a passion for putting patients first and helping them get through treatment approval quickly so they can maintain a strong quality of life. 

"It’s amazing the level of communication we have with the patient and provider throughout the process – from the real-time texting with the patient and/or a caretaker, to the lightning fast onboarding and referral process — it’s what I wish every part of healthcare was like.” 

Trilby Burgess
image (11)Trilby Burgess is an Infusion Guide, where she supports patients during the referral and intake process by being a main point of contact and helping patients navigate the world of billing and insurance. Trilby has over 15 years of healthcare experience and feels fulfilled by being able to help patients get their treatments approved and scheduled as quickly as possible. 

“As an infusion patient myself, I understand the frustration of insurance changes, surprise out-of-pocket costs and the importance of not delaying an infusion. I help them understand the process, answer any questions, and reassure them that they're in wonderful hands. We have an amazing team of people to help guide, support, and care for our patients. This is truly how infusion care should be for everyone.”

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