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Real Patients & Physicians Share Why They Love Local Infusion

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Local Infusion is on a mission to raise the bar for infusion care…for everyone. That means improving outcomes for patients, saving time for physicians, and making it all more affordable.

Since we opened our first infusion center in Concord, New Hampshire in December 2022, we’ve seen how impactful the blend of human-centered design and people-first culture is not only for the patients walking through the door every day, but their referring physicians as well. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Below, real patients and physicians weigh in… 

Coordination & communication, so nothing falls through the cracks

“I started at Local Infusion after many years of receiving infusions at a local hospital.  I was blown away by … the amazing staff actually made me feel like the most important person they would be seeing that day. My nurse genuinely cares and LISTENS. Shauna went above and beyond to handle ALL insurance related things! The staff made me feel like I mattered and that they would be willing to do whatever they could to make things great for me.” — Anmarie W., Local Infusion Concord

"Working with Local Infusion on coordination of infusions for our patients has been seamless and efficient! They communicate clearly and effectively with our team and the patients they are working with. Our patients benefit from their Care Coordination Program and swift timing from orders sent to time of infusion." — Nicole D., BSN, RN, MSCN, Neurology Practice

“My nurse was friendly, efficient, and carefully explained every step of the process. My questions were all answered prior to my appointment.” — Kimberly Smith, Local Infusion Bedford

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An easy referral process that’s handled for you (prior authorization included) 

"We have a busy practice and we are extremely satisfied with Local Infusion and their easy referral process. Their team handles the prior authorizations and benefits investigation, schedules our patients quickly, communicates with us any updates about the patient and our patients are very happy too.“ — Tammy M., RN, Nephrology Practice

“From the referral, insurance approval, scheduling and treatment, every aspect of this facility was top notch. It took less than a week from the time I contacted them to get an appointment and my first infusion!” — Adrienne L., Local Infusion Augusta

“I was initially apprehensive about switching from a hospital clinic to an infusion center. I was put at ease with the quick efficiency of Shauna and Nicole who got me in fast and gave me a wonderful experience and great care.” — Sharon C., Local Infusion Bedford

“The insurance (usually the most painful part) was handled behind the scenes. I never gave it a thought.” — Carolynn B., Local Infusion Concord

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Appointment times that actually fit your schedule 

“As our busy practice evolves, we are transitioning our in-office biologic injections to alternative infusion/injection sites that service NH patients. Local Infusion offers several sites in NH/ME…patients have a dedicated support team and greater appointment availability, including evening and Saturday appointments. We are grateful to have this option for our patients.” — Kim L., RN, BSN, Pulmonary and Critical Care Practice

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They worked hard to work around my schedule. It’s a wonderful place!” — Stephanie J., Local Infusion South Portland

“I liked how the nurse really took her time getting to know my health history. I never felt rushed. She was very open to making appointments that suit your schedule. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and like your voice is being heard.” — Abigael W., Local Infusion Concord

No more noisy & drab infusion rooms 

“It felt more like a luxury hotel visit than a medical event!” — Suzanne M., Local Infusion South Portland

“When I entered Local Infusion, it truly felt like a spa. The private infusion rooms are so well done with a cool and calm color scheme that puts one at ease. Jeanna was wonderful during my time there, friendly, answered all of my questions and put me right at ease. The additional benefits of the televisions and on hand snacks were much appreciated.” — Kate C., Local Infusion South Portland 

“They have thought of everything to make a multi-hour infusion as easy and comfortable as possible. Drinks, snacks, lunch, Netflix, warm blankets, the best recliner chairs ever.”  — Shannon B., Local Infusion South Portland

“I had never gotten an infusion before and I was super nervous about it all. I thought I would be in a drab, sterile white clinic/room but I was pleasantly surprised! The space is inviting, the rooms are private, clean and comfortable. They have snacks and drinks. You can watch TV/streaming apps in your room and there’s a chair for a guest to come with you.” — Mayra G., Local Infusion Concord

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Care teams that are like *unicorns* 🦄

“Jenna is sunshine and rainbows and a light in a time with so much uncertainty and fear. She is a unicorn. I feel so lucky she is on this journey with me. The front desk support, Ny, is just incredibly friendly and a wonderful person to be greeted and supported by.” — Holly K., Local Infusion South Portland

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