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A Note Of Gratitude For Our Patients and Care Teams

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re highlighting real, unedited quotes from patients about their experience with Local Infusion and, in particular, gratitude for their Infusion Guides and nurses.

This Thanksgiving, we're grateful to each and every one of our patients who have entrusted us with something as important as their care over this past year. Because for patients, this isn't just treatment — this is their life. So we don't take the trust they've put in us lightly. We’re also thankful for our incredible care teams that consistently go the extra mile for patients. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re highlighting a handful of real, unedited quotes from our patients about their experience with Local Infusion and, in particular, gratitude for their Infusion Guides and nurses. Our care teams work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure every patient is comfortable, heard, and getting the highest-quality clinical care possible — and for that, we are incredibly grateful. And patients are, too. 

From all of us at Local Infusion, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 

“Jenna is sunshine and rainbows and a light in a time with so much uncertainty and fear. She is a unicorn. I feel so lucky she is on this journey with me. The front desk support, Ny, is just incredibly friendly and a wonderful person to be greeted and supported by. The accommodations feel like a spa.” — Holly K., Local Infusion South Portland

“Exceptional, kind care and speedy scheduling! Highly recommend the entire staff and the experience they provide! Can't say enough wonderful things about this facility! Clean, easy to find, quiet, and lovely. So grateful for their entire staff!” — Justine B., Local Infusion Concord

“I cannot praise the staff at Local Infusion enough. I started at Local Infusion after many years of receiving infusions at a local hospital. I was blown away by the comfortable rooms & the amazing staff who actually made me feel like the most important person they would be seeing that day. My nurse genuinely cares and LISTENS. Shauna went above & beyond to handle ALL insurance related things! It may sound strange, but the staff made me feel like I mattered and that they would be willing to do whatever they could to make things great for me.” — Annmarie W., Local Infusion Concord 

“My nurse was great and put me at ease for my first infusion here. The team was very caring and [the] overall experience was relaxing. I will be returning!” — Sharon C., Local Infusion Bedford

“This place is beautiful and clean, but best of all is the staff. So professional and personable. Everything was pleasant. I forget that I had an IV infusion, because everything was done so efficiently and painlessly. The insurance (usually the most painful part) was handled behind the scenes. I never gave it a thought. I got there to find efficient strangers and left feeling like I had new friends.” — Carolynn B., Local Infusion Concord 

“Jenna was wonderful during my time there, friendly, answered all of my questions and put me right at ease.” — Kate C., Local Infusion South Portland 

“Monica and Trilby are amazing! Trilby is on top of all aspects of the intake process and Monica is comforting, competent, and thorough, everything you want when you're taking a treatment.” — Adrienne L., Local Infusion Augusta

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