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Making your Treatment Better, Easy, Local

We are building a next-generation ambulatory infusion platform, placing patients at the center of everything we do.

Infusion therapy is life changing; it shouldn't be confusing and scary.

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Our Story


Our team has spent decades in the infusion and healthcare industry. At every step, we thought, "there has to be something better than what the industry currently offers."

We saw all the obstacles to receiving infusion therapy. The Cost; The Confusion; 19th Century Technology. We saw all the mistakes the industry was making. Centralizing and "back officing" critical staff in order to save costs. This made treatment less personal, leading to less trust and more friction in the process. 

We started Local Infusion to make treatment closer. We understand healthcare is Local.  When a team member and a patient have a personal relationship, there is trust, understanding, and everything is better. We are building proprietary technology to make the referral process seamless, transparent, and pleasant. We are developing centers that truly center the patient experience. And we are empowering our teammates with the tools they need.

Our infusion centers treat patients with chronic autoimmune diseases on infusion therapy. We treat patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others. We are raising the bar; improving outcomes for patients, saving costs for employers, and building a people-first culture that empowers all of our teammates to do what it takes to give patients the care they need and the level of service they deserve.


How it works

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Send us the referral order


Complete and send us:

 Signed order

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We'll handle the logistics


Our team will take care of:

Prior authorization

Financial assistance

Financial counseling

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Once approved, we will: 

Schedule the patient appointment

Notify your office

Provide a great patient experience

Our 3 step referral process is designed to be easy, transparent, and keep you and the patient up to speed throughout the process.